Jewel Bako

100% love it
Classy Cash "Sea-Cow"
This pricey East Village sushi bar is NYC's downtown food snob go-to for opulent raw eats and Japanese treats.


    • Totally Expensive, Totally Worth It!
      This sushi restaurant is, bar none, my favourite sushi barb of all time. I've been thrown out of Jewel Bako and still say that ;) The sushi is exquisite. No better word for it. The restaurant is run by a husband-wife team (she worked at Tiffany, he at some Wall St firm) and I don't know how well they did in those professional lives but this is their hit run for sure. Don't drink one-bottle-of-saki-per-person like we did, don't sit at the sushi counter with friends drinking same, and not expect to (oh-so-politely) asked to leave as we were. Thinking back, I'd have done the same :) if I were them. Be prepared for one shocker of a bill at the end of the eve, but it's so worth it.