Chelsea Savoy Hotel

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A warm, friendly and affordable destination among hotels in Chelsea NYC. They are considered one of the best values in midtown Manhattan.


    • Location, location, locatoin (wait, is Chelsea still a viable locatoin?)
      Stayed here numerous times when I was not yet living in New York City. The hotel is, well, okay. The only reason that you'd want to stay here (I mean, it's not anything horrible, it's just so average with few amenities) is the location, on the xw corner of 23rd and Seventh. ' However, given that the vultures are circling the Chelsea neighboorhood and I'm anticipating that in the not so distant future what used to be heartbeat of gay NYC may have two, count 'em two bars. The shuttering of wonderful NYC gay insitutions -- clubs, restaurants, bars, stores -- over the past three years has been truly shocking, and there's no way around the fact that this neighborhood will cease to be a destinatoin within Manhattan -- there are some pretty streets, good restaurants, galleries galore, the Highlilne, but whereas in the late 80s, the gays were pioneering what was a very shaky neighborhood and rebuilding it. Now that we've done that, the landlords have skyrocketed their rents and great place after great place, many of which were NYC institutions, have closed their doors for good. If you pick up a Next Magazine and look at the map, there are now scores of places in Hell's Kitchen and Chelsea very clearly is not a player anymore. If you thought that the West Village and Christopher Street have lost to some degree their gay appeal, you'll drop over when you see what's happened to Chelsea. Clothes - Rufskin is still there, and is A+. To say that there's not a club in Chelsea to which one would go to dance could never have been predicted. Gym Bar will stay firm on Eighth Avenue, if operating as nothing more than a neighborhood bar. Barracuda and G are still open and if you fit within their demographic, by all means go, but I think you'll find yourself trending north. And everyone is expecting the bells to finally toll for a certain leather bar north of 23rd in that they are now surrounded by the pros and cons of the Highlilne opening, tons of new highrises, etc etc. The Eagle will either close out the concept of leather in New York City once and for all if they close. Or the Eagle may have to land somewhere, but it doesn't look promising. There are, however, lots of new nail salons, banks, Duane Reades in Chelsea, replacing a world created by gays which was intense, vibrant, fun, edgy. Chelsea is none of those things today, I write with regret.

    • DennisBTR
      DennisBTR Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Nothing Special
      This is an average hotel. Rooms are small and staff is a bit rude even by New York standards.

    • Phoebe263
      Phoebe263 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Terrible staff/service
      I'm a leisure traveler, but clearly with a tight budget. My family and I went visit NY for the first time and had terrible experience with the hotel. We are very upset with this hotel now :(. I had issue with Hotel Chelsea and needed to call to talk to the manager. She was not pleasant at all, shut me down several times and eventually hung up on me. The waiting time to reach her was long and I didn't even talk to her for more than 5 minutes so in any standard, i shouldn't be considered one of the naggy customers who try to stay on the phone for one hour to complain about one tiny stuff. We are talking about more than $250 per night! I tried to call back at least four times, all of which the front desk helped me transfer but i got it straight to the manager's voice mail. THe fifth time I called, the front desk rep told me the manager was in a meeting, but I highly doubt that from the time she hung up on me and the next time i called, she couldn't have had to attend a meeting so "suddenly." I asked the front desk for the manager's full name but none of them told me the manager's last name. Even the front desk then gave me an attitude. I am trying to find the owner of this hotel to report about this unprofessional staff. I hope there could be improvements, but for now, this experience really upsets my family and me.

    • bdinchi
      bdinchi Over a year ago
      Loves it

      A reasonably priced, nicely maintained property. Great location. Definitely the place to stay in NYC if you're on a budget.

    • Versdeguy
      Versdeguy Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great Hotel
      Clean, quiet and reasoanbly priced for NYC. Right at corner of 7th Ave and 23rd Street. Easy access to subway. VERY clean. Nice cont. breakfast.