The High Line

100% love it
You're in for a surprise

If you haven't been to the new High Line, seize the day! This is the best new park in the city, located on the historic High Line lifted freight track from the 1930s. The last train ran on the high line in 1980 but the fun has just begun. Section 1 of the High Line opened in June of 2009. This grassy urban oasis is filled with public art and eye candy galore. The second section opened in the summer of 2011.


    • gabrielrsrocha
      gabrielrsrocha Over a year ago

      Such a relaxing stroll and fun way to see the west side of Manhattan. Also, a great way to cut across the island vertically.

    • scim
      scim Over a year ago

      Check out the small market nearby to the Standard Hotel

    • PacoMDFACS
      PacoMDFACS Over a year ago

      Start around 23rd and work your way down to the Meatpacking District. You will find plenty places to eat and enjoy your walk. And on the way back, digest your food.

    • JasonParis
      JasonParis Over a year ago

      The weekend pedlock is at ridiculous levels. Go during the week if possible.

    • T.Lo
      T.Lo Over a year ago

      An elevated railway gorgeous walkway, lots of trees, and the views are amazing!!

    • deke52
      deke52 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Delightful Place
      It is utterly extraordinary what has been done to the abandoned rail line running on the far west Side, the Hudson River in view. It has been turned into an urban park, an oasis, really. There are times where you believe you are no longer in NYC, but out in the country. My BF and I idled along, pausing to take in one spectacular view after another. The foliage and plant life which flanks the stone path is rich, green, spectacular. This being NYC, our open displays of affection received nary a second glance from locals and tourists. In the winter, if it's snowing, I imagine the views are wonderful

    • isaac82
      isaac82 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Seriously...why didn't i know about this sooner?
      The High Line is UNBELIEVABLE.

    • Rivington101
      Rivington101 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      the best thing that's happened to new york in the last ten years