Apple Store Fifth Avenue

100% love it
Always Open
The Apple Store on Fifth Avenue is like an underground city. Best place to pick up a cute computer laptop. Don't you sometimes wish they served Gin & Tonics at the Genius Bar? We do.


    • PacoMDFACS
      PacoMDFACS Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Awesome place
      I have been there lots of times, and from all those times only once I had a problem. The rest of the time, the staff is nice, knowledgeable and helpful. And also the #EyeCandy from the staff and the tourists makes it a great place to check it out.

    • mjdwarner
      mjdwarner Over a year ago

      The city's 24-Hour Apple Store is my favorite! Visit after midnight, and you can play on everything Mac until sunrise, almost by yourself.