Five Napkin Burger

97% love it
Wipe that mouth, you're drooling
Five Napkin Burger snuck up on us and took over as the best burger of Hell's Kitchen. We can't get enough. This is a great place to head to before a show. Service is quick and the food is delicious.


    • wad
      wad Over a year ago
      Loves it

      great burger, great drinks
      had a manhattan cocktail at the bar before being shown to my table. Bartender was very cute and made the best manhattan I have ever had...very strong and tasty. Can't beat the burgers, done exactly as I wanted, no surprises. I try burgers everywhere I go and this one ranks in the top 5. Mouthwatering perfection, not as greasy as the place at the Parker meridian. Th wait staff was very attentive even though it was extremely busy. Its a good sign that with the place as packed as it was (waited for 45 minutes to be seated) that I still got full attention from the waiter. Looking forward to my next visit.