Don't Tell Mama

96% love it
Cabaret multiplex
On Restaurant Row in the heart of the Theatre District and mere steps from Times Square, Don't Tell Mama is a New York Institution. Whether you are looking for a night of amazing cabaret performance, live music, or a relaxing dinner or a bottle of wine, Don't Tell Mama has something for you!


    • mc4bs
      mc4bs Over a year ago

      Great entertainment, great drinks, but DO NOT EAT dinner here!

    • pezhead05
      pezhead05 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Went to meet some adult men and almost all women. Sat at the bar ordered a drink then appetizer, bartender looks at the menu and says, "that's 13". Hmmm. Oh ok you want to pay first when ordering food. And bottled beer $8. That's just craziness.

    • DrGaellon
      DrGaellon Over a year ago

      Overpriced and lightly-poured drinks.

    • traut
      traut Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Martini Madness
      I make sure to hit this spot each time I'm in NYC. Super friendly staff and fun times. Drinks are a bit pricey but your paying for the entertainment. I typically get cosmos while here and always nice and strong and sometimes have had them leave the shaker to refil my drink 1/2 way through.

    • Toy4Paco
      Toy4Paco Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Don't Tell Mama The Drinks Suck!
      My partner and I went in for a friendly, gay place to go on the way to a Broadway show. There was a sign out front that said Happy Hour! What could be bad about that? What they fail to mention is it's only on certain drinks! My partner and I had already ordered our drinks, when we realized. The drinks were so watered down, I can't begin to explain how bad. I ordered a Stoli Orange and soda and tasted nothing but flat soda. No orange flavor at all, no vodka at all! The staff was nice enough, but the drinks sucked! It was way overpriced even by Manhattan standards....Skip this place...Total Ripoff