Trailer Park Lounge & Grill

95% love it
Campy Chelsea fun
You may not get the best meal in New York, but you'll certainly have a gay-'ol trashy time.


    • jasonvincik
      jasonvincik Over a year ago

      Strong margaritas and very tasty! Not too tangy and heartburn free.

    • emperorxny
      emperorxny Over a year ago

      OMG! Just had lunch there the other day....

    • markyj
      markyj Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Cheap and Fun - AWESOME Margaritas
      Tried this once with a friend last year. It was cheap comfort food. Tator tots with everything. There is a screen door at the entrance and a genuine trailer inside (I think there is private seating in there, but not sure). The front has Astroturf and lounge chairs. Paper towels for napkins and any type of plastic nick knack you can dream of for decor.

    • SeizeTheDay
      SeizeTheDay Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Is anyone gay here??
      Seriously, this place is not gay at all. Felt completely out of place. Lots of young straight nerdy Chelsea types with their girlfriends. Food was good, quick and cheap. But not the place for eye candy.

    • ratt
      ratt Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Burger & Beer for $8? Can't beat it!
      That's their special on Monday & Tuesday. Very Kitschy, even voted one of Food Network's kitschiest! Service is good, crowd can get a little rowdy, but what do you expect? Food is always decent.. See you next Monday!