Journeys of the 1st: When American Immigrant Identities Collide


'Journeys of the First' will feature stories and experiences of first generation Americans, and times when their identity as an immigrant, has come into some kind of conflict with their identity as an ‘American’. From Nigeria and India to the Philippines and Trinidad and Tobago, each person has had their own unique perspective on what it means to be from their country of origin, as well as American. However, once embracing this identity, many people have found the need to straddle the line between values that come at odds. From food insecurity and long distance parenting to living secret lives and reconciling with Trump supporting relatives, the show’s featured guests will take participants on a journey to explore some of the nuances of being a first generation American.

Hosted By:

Dawn J. Fraser

Featuring Stories By:

Shalini Kantayya
Yemi Amu
Christopher Torres
Damayan Migrant Workers Association


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