Gimme A Drag!- Teen Witch

The double Glammy-nominated performance sensation Backspace


Gimme A Drag!- Teen Witch- THIS SUNDAY, OCTOBER 10

It's our wildly successful monthly Drag Competition, featuring THE freshest Drag in Brooklyn.....and beyond!

In honor of Halloween, this month's winner will receive


Yes, you heard right!!!

This month's winner of Gimme A Drag will get the coveted Gimme A Drag Bitch trophy, bragging rights, AND


On top of the fierce competition, Backspace is premiering a new show, featuring several out-of-control "Teen Witch" numbers!!!

The performances this month are guaranteed to make you drool!!

Your ghostly hostesses for the night will of course be

Charmin Ultra


Krystal Something Something

And behind the bar, bewitching your taste buds with delicious cocktails--

Mary Jo CamelToe

If YOU want to perform, send a message to Krystal or Charmin, NOW!

Think "Teen Witch"

Think "Sabrina, The Teenage Witch"

Think "Twitches"

Think "The Craft"

Think "Hocus Pocus"

Think Halloween

Think......out of the trick-or-treat pail!!

The queens are BRINGING IT for this, so if you want a shot at the coveted trophy and satanic chunk of change, you better whip out your fiercest/funniest/sexiest/most unique looks, and put together something-something that will BLOW the audience away!


Gimme A Drag is only at Sugarland

221 N. 9th St. (between Driggs and Roebling)


Backspace show starts at 11:30pm

Drag Competition at 12:00am

Post-Show Monster Mash by DJ Something Something

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