In this one night only event, Jay Toole aka SUPABUTCH comes clean with all the dirty secrets you wanted to know but were ashamed to ask.

Jay, who has been involved in supporting LGBT people in the shelters for a very very very long time, has a seen a New York City that you (hopefully) will never ever see. She's put all her stories together and is inviting you to come hear them. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you might feel a little sick to your stomach. And you'll hear about Jay's next big project, which you are definitely going to want to support.

Don't miss stories like:

The Tiger Upstairs
Jay's Pet Monkey Who Desperately Needed Manners Lessons
Fun with Felonies
I Can't Believe I Smoked That
Putting Syd Vicious to Bed

And many many many rodent stories. Because if you live UNDERNEATH the streets of New York, you have lots of rat monologues.

And probably some dialogues too. But we promise no talking rats will be present.

5-15 bucks at the door. If you don't have it, email Jay for a free pass.

Jay's officious bio:

Jay Toole is a 64 year-old butch identified (well super butch identified) lesbian who battled addiction for 37 years, during which time she was homeless for 25 years, and often lived on and under the streets of NYC and in the NYC shelters.

In 1999, she got her GED, she began volunteering with The Coalition for the Homeless as a shelter Monitor. In November of 2000 she left the shelter system for her first ever apartment in her own name. Since 2001 she has graduated from The Resource Training Center to become a alcohol and substance abuse counselor with a award and prize for leadership in education, worked part-time as an out-reach worker to the shelter system on recovery issues at the LGBT Community Center. In 2006 she received the Richard L. Schiegel National Legion of Honor Award for Emerging Activist. In 2011, Jay was honored for her service to the transgender community by the Sylvia Rivera Law Project. She is a Co-Founder of Queers for Economic Justice and was the Shelter Project Director for over 10 years.


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