The Will Clark Show feat. P*rno Bingo


Will’s gone on vacation, he’s somewhere out on the high seas, so back here on land at the Ritz, Witti Repartee will take on emceeing duties and naturally, it will become, “The Night Where Everyone Goes DOWN!”. It’s not the Titanic but I’m sure you will be able to find yourself plenty of seamen… especially since it’s the official birthday party for Mark Raymond Schulte! Come and show the guy some of the lovin’ you’ve always wanted to shower on him!

Witti’s special guests include performance artist Beardonna and new Lucas Entertainment model Morgan Black. Happy Hour drinks, erotic prizes and much more! Plus! 100% of the proceeds from the night will go to The Center’s Cycle for the Cause!

About Cycle for the Cause

Cycle for the Cause’s mission is to advance the New York Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center’s work to increase awareness and knowledge through the HIV/AIDS related programs and services we provide, increase HIV/AIDS activism and awareness on the disproportionate and growing population of people living with HIV/AIDS in New York City, and provide a vehicle for the community to get involved in the fight against HIV/AIDS within New York City and the greater Northeast.

Photo of Morgan Black courtesy Lucas Entertainment.

Photo of Mark Raymond Schulte courtesy photographer Jason "Hey Mr. Jason" Russo

Photo of Witti Repartee courtesy the Drunken Photographer


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