We're Having a Dinner Party-November Edition


Well friends, it's that time again. We're feeling particularly thankful this month for a variety of reasons. We would be even more thankful if you came to hang out with us Monday the 19th at 9:30pm.

Here are a few things you may learn about:

-The interesting people that live on Christopher Street
-How to make perfect pastry (It's all about the cold butter)
-How Babs learned to scat sing
-The ingredient that will solve all problems both in and out of the kitchen

Expect songs by Bernstein, The Carpenters, FIfth Dimension, Kay Thompson, Alanis Morissette, Cab Calloway, and more!

Direction by Joe Barros
Music Direction/Arrangements by Liam Forde
Attractive and talented backup vocalists: Jeremy Pasha, Tyrone Davis Jr., and Julie Thomas
Zach Eldridge is on drums.
Andrew Sotomayor on Piano.

You simply MUST come. Can't wait to see you all there! As always, it's Jubilee time!


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