Date Change!: FiFi DuBois to Win So You Think You Can Drag!


ATTN: Due to the Devastation of Sandy the Date has officially been Changed to The 14th everything else is the same so be aware it's no longer the 7th!But Everything else is the same and we STILL need your Votes!

FiFi DuBois is one of the finalists for So You Think You Can Drag! The winner gets $500 cash, a photo shoot with Alexander D'or, and her own show in the Time Out Lounge at New World Stages! And that means she needs YOU. There are three ways girls can get votes at SYTYCD:

1) Judges each get 10 votes (30 total).
2) Every attendee gets 1 vote.
3) Every time you buy a drink, you get a vote, so the alcoholics pick their favorite queens to be in the final lip sync showdown!

So let's come out in force and show that we want FiFi to win! She's the most sickening queen on the scene, and her numbers will blow you away! So make "I <3 FiFi" t-shirts and "FiFi for President" signs! Bring out your friends! Make them bring their friends! Let's go completely crazy and fill New World Stages to capacity to show that we love our girl!

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