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From The Coming Insurrection to The Coming Community, it is clear that something, or someone, is coming. As neoliberal capitalism continues to collapse, new movements spring up daily, from the plazas of Madrid, Mexico, Wall Street, and Quebec, to reject austerity capitalism and its attempts to shut down both hope and dissent. These coming forms of resistance against emerging mutations of capital will be speculative, nanobiotechnological, and digitally global.unrecognizable as they exceed our current understanding of the political and the economic. These will be bodies of all kinds which have been considered monstrous and now emerge as erotic and empowered. While some theorists have declared the death of Queer Theory, we see hope in the claims of an emerging Queer 2.0, even while we reject that binary formation. Ours is a Queer X.X, where the X.X can refer to an abstract number, any number.or, it can refer to the post-porn movement, to the chromosomes of engineered creatures and organs, to the longitude and latitude of queer lives outside grids of western epistemologies, to the multiplicitous disturbances queer brings globally. The artists curated in this program reimagine resistance in forms which cause disturbance, by unnerving, decentering, and unraveling power rather than acknowledging its solidity by trying to destroy it. These artists respond to the rigidity of contemporary life with gooey, embodied, networked, and highly technical means of imagining other possibilities for life.
Zach Blas & Micha Cárdenas, guest curators.

Total Running Time: 76 min.



MIX 25 - NOVEMBER 13-18

Don't forget, MIX is known for magical spatial transformations (hint: this year's theme involves cocooning and hammocks!), incredible installation art (which you can read about here: http://mixnyc.org/mix/installations), and a vibrant lounge space populated by queer filmmakers, curators, artists, and, well, fabulous hotties. Plan to HANG OUT BEFORE OR AFTER THE SHOW, enjoy a beverage and some good company!



Elle Mehrmand
2011, USA, video, color, sound, 7 min. NY Premiere
wikiabmeyad analyzes diasporic anxiety through sonic ritual. The holographic clone sings wikileaks cables about Iran in Farsi, English, and Perz-ish [a faux-liminal language].

Fag Face and the Facial Weaponization Suite
Zach Blas
2012, USA, video, color, sound, 9 min. NY Premiere
The Facial Weaponization Suite is a response to scientific studies that link determining sexual orientation through facial recognition and a burgeoning culture of technologically-driven identification calculation. The suite provides sets of masks for public intervention. One mask, The Fag Face Mask, is generated from the biometric facial data of many gay men’s faces, attempting to evade detection by mechanisms of capture and recognition-control.

Microdances_2.1: Minimal Body
Jaime del Val
2005, Spain, video, color, sound, 10 min.
The second film of the series Microdances, Minimal Body is a series of minimalist sequences of moving body fragments, an exploration of unknown landscapes and possible languages, an approach to the body that redraws its territories and hierarchies, an exploration of the process of looking into the body and feeling the body, fragmented, multiple, amplified.

Speculative Biologies
Pinar Yoldas
2012, Turkey/USA, video, color, sound, 2 min., NY Premiere
This video introduces synthetic organs, perverse anatomies, and sexual excesses to interrogate the cultural perception of sex.

En un Fist Fast
Rocio Boliver / La Congelada de Uva
2012, Mexico, video, color, sound, 2 min.
Abjection builds awareness of post-porn power, which breaks away from the outdated distinction between eroticism and pornography.

Living Viral Tattoos
Tagny Duff
2008, Canada, video, color, sound, 6 min. NY Premiere
This video features the development of eight living viral tattoos, sculptural protoypes grown in a petri dish (in vitro). A series of “bruises” are rendered on pig and human skin by viral vectors and immunohistochemical stains.

*particle group*
2010, USA, video, color, sound, 16 min. NY Premiere
In her introduction to Tactical Media, Rita Raley underscores the peculiar temporal ambitions of new media, its commitment to "'temporary consensual zones,'" the "Next Five Minutes." Her accompanying thesis: new media privileges disruption (the tactical) over revolution (the strategic), resulting in a "politics [that] are a metapolitics." Nano-Garage(s) works from the premise that poetic play (signifyin'), as low-fi interruption, has the potential to integrate the circuits, to (respectfully) challenge Raley's distinction.

UKI [performance documentation excerpts]
Shu Lea Cheang
2012, Taiwan/France, video, color, sound, 11 min.
UKI, a sequel to Cheang’s cyberpunk sci-fi movie I.K.U (2000, premiere Sundance Film Festival), is structured as both a viral performance "live code live spam" and a viral game in two levels: infect a city and enter the bionet.

La Pinchajarawis
Giuseppe Campuzano
2011, Peru, video, color, sound, 2 min. World Premiere
La Pinchajarawis is as manifesto. The body as memory, and its chant as transmuting technology.

Find Each Other :: Local Autonomy Networks
Micha Cárdenas
2012, USA, video, color, sound, 5 min. World Premiere
Local Autonomy Networks (Autonets) is inspired by an urge to create technologies to facilitate communication for community-based, anti-racist, prison-abolitionist responses to gendered violence, creating networked fashion to reimagine social organization.

Jordan Crandall
2010, USA, video, color, sound, 6 min.
The erotic dance has now become uni-directional—a vector aimed at the body substrate, probing the very limits of the flesh. But in this ambiguous space of extreme intimacy, there is no longer any coherent identity to be captured.


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