Jacob Riis Park Formerly: Seaside Beach

What do you think of this place? Love it or not?
Can summer last forever?
Named for the acclaimed journalist, Riis beach attracts a fun group of New Yorkers all summer long...but in particular the bear community loves to let it all hang out in the sun.
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    • DawnD
      DawnD Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Bedford Ave on the beach
      This is the most eclectic group of people I've ever experienced gathered on a Beach. It is right next to Far Rockaway Beach, and being right across the border, you will not get a ticket for open alcohol containers. In fact, they have a bar right on the boardwalk! The scene is a total mixed bag of body positive NYers who are always very friendly and willing to make new friends. The farthest left (in front of the abandoned hospital) is where the LGBTQIA scene thrives. It's is a topless beach all day, and once the lifeguards turn in for the day, it usually turns into bottomless as well. After dark, there's usually music and dance parties. There is a parking lot ($10) for the day, or you can take the MTA using your Metrocard. This is my favorite beach in the NorthEast!