Queen Sauna

88% love it
Mixed Sauna
Queen Sauna is Korean-run neighborhood men's sauna that is pretty mixed (straight and gay). There is definitely some cruising that happens, but it's not a clear-cut bathhouse.
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    • SwiperBoots
      SwiperBoots Over a year ago

      This place is ok. Went here once last month on a sunday afternoon. This place has wet and dry saunas, open stall showers, lounge/ sleep area, and two large baths. Liquid soap and towels included. There are two other large baths with jets but they're not hooked up. There were about 5 asians one latino and a indian and an italian bear when I went. I was the only black dude. wish there were more black and latino dudes. the italian dude was too touchy feely for me especially when I politely asked him not to touch me several times. most people walk around in towels or nude. watched a chubby asian get a massage on the massage table by the indian. For $20 you really can't beat it. The place is not run down but not five star either. but you get what you pay for and its not that bad. i'll probably try to go back on a saturday or sunday night to see more of a variety of guys. wish there was a gay version of Spa Castle. Way nicer.

    • BiBen
      BiBen Over a year ago

      Simple, Charming Korean Sauna
      This 24/7 Korean run sauna in Jackson Heights, Queens is small and sparse, but it has its charms. Ring the doorbell and youll be buzzed into the run down building. Walk up one flight of stairs and the attendant will collect your $20 and hand you a towel. The main room has a row of large lockers, a large bench, a couch, a television (playing only Korean TV), a refrigerator with soda ($1 each), a water fountain, as well as an area with some basic toiletry items (q-tips, moisturizer, etc). There is also a sleeping area a room with mats, sheets, and pillows -- partitioned with a curtain. Past the main room is a wet area which has a dry sauna, a wet sauna, 3 shower stalls, two bath tubs, and an alcove with a massage table. Its bland, but relatively clean. The clientele is a mix of straight and not-so-straight with the straight guys mostly walking around in swimming trunks or boxers, and the rest of us going au naturel. Its a cruisy atmosphere, but not much overt action. The people who work there are a bit intrusive sometimes they all seem to be women and have no qualms about walking in and out with men in various stages of undress. Ive seen them go into the wet area as men were showering. One time I was in the sleeping area by myself completely naked and one of the women walked in, tidied up a bit, opened the curtain and then left. She didnt leer at me or anything, but it was still strange. I would imagine they would object if they walked in on any action although I'm sure they know what goes on. Overall, its a decent place to get a good steam, take a nap, relax, and possibly have some fun but if youre horny and really need to get laid, this is not the place.