Northern Men's Sauna

90% love it
Queens Gay Sauna
Busy on the weekends, this sauna is the bathhouse to go to find that kinky Queens boy.


    • hmanden
      hmanden Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Old and run down. Sauna is permanently closed and there is no steam room. Do not sit on the cloth sofas in the movie room----LICE and very resistant to treatments. They try to change the sheets often in the cubicle rooms but there are not that many rooms so not really changed often enough. Free coffee. Even at $10, this place is not worthwhile.

    • meetme
      meetme Over a year ago
      Hates it

      The WORST ever
      Condemned properties are in better condition than this rat hole. Ratings should be dated. DO NOT PATRONIZE!

    • wanker6351
      wanker6351 Over a year ago

      Very nice place
      Some of the people who reviewed this place are on the arrogant side...I go here maybe 3-4 times a year and have never been disappointed. And the management here couldn't be nicer. One time, when I was settled into my room in the back, the owner of the place came by. I invited him in. We got along great. Obviously, I was already undressed. I invited him to do the same and he happily complied. When we were both finished, my sheets were a little wet and he arranged to get me clean ones immediately. I'll go back as ofter as I can. It's a great place!

    • Taino_Rula
      Taino_Rula Over a year ago
      Loves it


    • PaulRendle
      PaulRendle Over a year ago

      Relaxed good time choice of the average
      Regulars, young, old, Hispanic, Asian, White, Black, fat, thin, sometimes handsome sometimes not. The whole expanse of humanity is here. Cliquish sometimes, those constantly on smart phone texting are here too. Some less than appealing park themselves for hours but a good time can be had if you are patient. Closed doors give the legal expectation of privacy you chose. There is always someone new and exciting to meet. I have never left unsatisfied This place is not A class, but is resonably as clean as a well worn bath can be. This is not a place of arrogant buff boys but of average men looking for a interesting time away from the world. Its only 10 buck of 15 for a room. Its worth 2 trips to see that you can enjoy it

    • JJ187
      JJ187 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Among the rudest service I have ever encountered.
      Because there is very little info on this location, and there is no website, one would have to call to find out about the hours and cost. I called, and after only getting a chance to ask half of a question, was immediately hanged up on. I called back a few seconds later to ask about my other question, and the guy on the phone was flat out rude, yelling, accusing me of calling many times before, (everyday,) then hanging up abruptly once again, before I had a chance to respond. I immediately called back and asked to speak to a manager, and the same guy answers back claiming he is the manager. This incident may say speak volumes about the clubs' clientele. Other reviews I have found about this place, state that the service is friendly, well, after my one time encounter, I wouldn't recommend tolerating such abuse. Try West Side/East Side Club Saunas instead, as I have been to those places and have had way better experiences.

    • cyboricua
      cyboricua Over a year ago
      Loves it

      friendly atmosphere
      Even though the place is not very well kept, (what do you expect for $10 AND NO ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP FEE!!!), the staff and the people who go there are relatively friendly. I like the mixed crowd, even though alot of old and out of shape guys go(AGAIN, what do you expect with no annual membership fee). It varies from day to day what type of crowd goes, specially during the rush hour period, after 4 pm. I continue going because of the great variety of guys that go there, minus the old and the out of shape ones. The fact that alot of Asians and Latinos go there is the only reason that I still go, when I have a chance. My advice to first timers is to go with no high expectations and to try to give the place another chance. Going only one time is just not doing justice for the place. It's like the lottery,"Hey, you just never know".

    • lucksallup
      lucksallup Over a year ago
      Loves it

      any tips for first timers? and whens the busiest time to go?

    • uloveyatta
      uloveyatta Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Northern may not be the cleanest, but I feel it's one of the few places that carrie the old school swag of gay bath houses, I am to young to know what they looked like but al I have are movies, skin flick that keep the memoirs alive.Something about the smell of sweat and sex is a deep inflection of a young mans sexual fire. I enjoy going when I so going once in a while, and other then the the mature men with year of hurt pride, I wish the steem room worked.

    • robo1
      robo1 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      I went and it was dirty, smelly and did not look like it was cleaned in years, the lobby if you want to call it that had things they found in the street, no star

    • Information, please
      So many fans and so few comments. Other than the negative ones, that is. As I have learned that someone can dislike something for the exact same reasons that I like it, well, some commentary from this venue's fans would be, well, it would be instructive. Sorry if this is a review of the reviews.

    • scrommide
      scrommide Over a year ago
      Hates it

      the most disgusting place i have ever seen
      This is truly the most disgusting place I have ever seen. I've been to some pretty shady places in my life (one of the perks of being a gay man in NYC), but this one beats all. It is filthy beyond anything I could have imagined. I knew, from previous reports, that it wasn't going to be the Hilton, but it is infested with insects (both of the human kind and non-human kind). Beware! Beware!

    • Rnyc1
      Rnyc1 Over a year ago

      Northern visit
      After reading some of the review I decided to experiment for myself and whet to check it out. As I enter the location I notice that how filthy, abandon and outdate all around. Some of the furniture were a left the street as unwanted. Décor, very difficult to determine if you were in a bath house, the orient or western world. Client, well they were OK. Recommendation, do not waste your $$$

    • Jamay
      Jamay Over a year ago
      Hates it

      This place was just terrible. The guys where mostly fat or had beer guts. They wear all too touchy touchy and had looking problems which I blame myself for because I seemed to be the only attractive person in there. One guy was upset because he wanted me to cOne to the back with him but I kept declining. When all of them look like they are 35 and up. The actual sauna is not working. The guys wear all thirsty for ass that they would follow you around and walk around looking for you. I in all don't mean to talk bad about anyone but this was my first time going to such a place and I don't look forward to going back. The $10 I spent to get in could have been used for gas instead. I don't recommend this place for anyone.

    • bathrabbit
      bathrabbit Over a year ago
      Hates it

      NMS could be so much better......but the front office guy is so nasty.....not the owner....the guy who grunts at you....and if you want a dry clean towel he will be even more nasty....get over are lucky to have a job.....inside, the hustlers are all will know who they are.....and not too good looking...occasionally there is a hard cock to play with....but too many really fat people...who look as if they smell even if they do not....clean up the place and put a curtain or something over the opening to the porn room so men can be men.....D-