FairyTail Lounge (Closed Permanently)

89% love it
GayCities Members report that FairyTail Lounge has closed
Hells Kitchen fantasy bar
Step in side, have a drink, and take in the decor. This intimate neighborhood bar is the perfect place for a birthday party or after work cocktail with friends and coworkers. The regulars are always a lot of fun to mingle with. Up for a fairytale or two? Look no further.


    • DjChaunceyD
      DjChaunceyD Over a year ago

      music and entertainment

    • UWSJeff
      UWSJeff Over a year ago

      cute neighborhood bar
      Sweet bartenders, good drink prices esp. At happy hour, sexy gogo Boyd . Too bad there are more tired drag queens despite that a fun low pressure place to hang

    • RHRosario3
      RHRosario3 Over a year ago

      If you must try that free shot. Thank god it was free. Love the place.

    • RheaLitre
      RheaLitre Over a year ago

      Kiss Joey Israel for me... I'm in LA & I miss him

    • rabpublicity
      rabpublicity Over a year ago

      Happy Ending drink specials $3 beers, 1/2 off well, and more