Industry Bar

98% love it
After-work delights
Industry Bar is one of the Hells Kitchen go-to bars for queens, stiff cocktails, incredible entertainment, and plenty of eye candy. Industry has become a true Hells Kitchen nightlife landmark.


    • jpgs311
      jpgs311 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      DO NOT GO TO INDUSTRY! Last night my friend and I were denied re-entry to the bar from the smokers area (after being inside for at least a couple of hours) because one of the security guys thought we were skipping the line. We tried to talk to the guy, show our IDs, explain that we were in (our coats and friends were still inside), but he refused to let us in again because we were being too smart with him. We decided not to insist and call our friends (who were still inside) from the sidewalk. He came back and told us we couldn’t be on the sidewalk either. After trying to explain to him that sidewalks are public space he threaten me and harassed me for my accent, telling me I didn’t knew how to behave in this country. After this I decided to just cross the sidewalk, he followed us just to let the security people in the bar next door don’t let us in and kept going calling us names because we had an accent. Good to know that the people they hire in this place to protect LQBTQ community are still xenophobic and violent, you’re doing great honey...

    • priderings1
      priderings1 Over a year ago

      Awesome place to party it up with friends. Great drinks too.

    • mbk.angel
      mbk.angel Over a year ago

      My bar tander jayson

    • jarndyce
      jarndyce Over a year ago
      Hates it

      So I stopped in yesterday. Yes, two for one Happy Hour. Put a 20 down. When the bartender gave me my second drink, I thanked him and then he scooped up the change, which translated to a 10 dollar tip for two drinks. Seriously? WTF? What is up with these bartenders who assume that the money you're keeping on the bar is theirs? This is a cool place but I won't be back. Someone needs to teach the bartenders the basics of the job.

    • Lots of good queens!
      Lots of queens from this bar on the top 10 list!!

    • gwenluc
      gwenluc Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Visited new york for 3 days, loved the place, fun crowd!

    • johnhenrik
      johnhenrik Over a year ago

      Rude bartenders
      The drinks were ok, the entertainment was kind of funny BUT, the bartenders were one of the most ignorant I've ever met. For example, standing right in front of me, noticing I want to order and just ignores me. Both bartenders were rude and unfriendly, full of themselves. Me and my friend both had the same experience.

    • j.mg2007
      j.mg2007 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Bartender is way hot and sexy! Very good friendly atmosphere! 10/22/13

    • rodiney66
      rodiney66 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Good wines.
      Good crowd.

    • newcomer614
      newcomer614 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      I have been in New York City for three months now. And I have seen more than 30 gay bars and clubs here, most of them more than once. And I came to the conclusion: I have been in New York City for three months now. And I have seen more than 30 gay bars and clubs here, most of them more than once. An I come to the conclusion: INDUSTRY IS THE BEST! Why? The spot is not too small and not too big. The music is good. A little loud but you can have a conversation. If you like, you can go on stage and dance. Drinks are strong; you definitely get good value for your money. You cannot pay with credit cards (I personally don't care, I think you are faster paying cash) but there are two ATMs inside the bar. I like the interior with all these mirror balls (I have always tried to count them, but - as I mentioned - drinks are strong...). And I have never payed a cover to get in. But the main reason what makes Industry my favorite spot in town is - of course - its crowd. I met really nice guys there. I would say most guests are in their twenties or thirties, good mixture of all races from all over the world. Usually no freaks or drama queens like in a lot of other bars in town. Just nice down to earth guys. And when we talk about staff: you will meet really nice friendly and hot bartenders, all of them quick and professional. And pay special attention to the sexy guys on coat check and the one who collects the empty glasses and bottles. They are real sunshine. I do also like some other bars in NYC but I am always looking forward to my stay in Industry (as I have been there at least once a week). I feel very welcome and always have a fun time there. And you will too! Check it out.

    • Lascivious
      Lascivious Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Okay Bar But Small
      I am probably going to make some people mad by giving this club a 3 Star rating. However, let me explain... The bar has great things going for it: 1. Location (The new gay area, Hells Kitchen) 2. Cute boys and attracts the twenty - thirty yo crowd 3. Drinks are reasonable compared to other bars/clubs. So why the 3 stars? Well once you enter the bar, you walk into a "cluster". Too many people trying to stand in a small area and blocking the bar area. They aren't ordering drinks....just standing in the way. People literally have to force themselves through the crowd of people. The back area/dance floor is nice but again for the number of people too small. I would suggest taking the seating area out and make the whole back room a dance floor. The bar should be on the other side of the walls where they currently have sofas. The little coat check needs to go someplace else maybe between the entrance doors to open up additional space for sitting and/or standing. Of course these are just what I felt... Some people may like the "cluster". Anyway, I ask myself this question, if they were to take this bar out of the Hells Kitchen area would I go. The answer to that is probably not. So it is good that they have this location so they can feed off the Hells Kitchen traffic but if the time come that it is no longer in the "hot gay area"... I don't think I would miss going to it.

    • GXS
      GXS Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Bonne ambiance, très sympathique
      Bar très sympa et branché

    • dspip23
      dspip23 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      So I headed with some people after escaping boredom at Splash on a Friday night, and was happy to see that this place was packed with hots guys and had no cover. Literally wall to wall of cuties. There was broken bottles and glass ALL over the floor, but the tempting boys throughout the place made me forget about it. Bathrooms are too bright. The chairs in front of the stage where people dance were a bit annoying and got in the way. The music was really bad...too much top 40 crap. Not the best place, but not the worst...I'd go back

    • marcostefano
      marcostefano Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great bar where you can actually can meet friedns and relax
      This new venue is relaxed, with good music, expensive drinks and good looking boys. The space is nicely arranged into different areas so you can do whatever you like: chat, play, watch the show, have a drink, kiss a boy or have sex. Everything in one place. That is quite unique in New York.

    • devinguinn
      devinguinn Over a year ago
      Loves it

      My favorite HK bar!