Spice Chelsea

100% love it
Get spicy in Chelsea
Spice represents the secret of Thai recipes which variety of Thai and tropical herbs and herbs based homemade spices are always added to season taste of every dishes. Spice Chelsea In 1999, Spice was expanded to the second location to by introduce the unique concept to the different crowd in Chelsea who is more out going and socializing. Located on 8th Avenue and 20th street. Just in the center of Chelsea. Down-to-earth atmosphere with varieties of music blasting in the background allows you to forget how crowded your seat is but actually enjoying it. Y


    • YonksMac
      YonksMac Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Amazing Place, Great Prices
      The food is among the best Thai I've had and it's so affordable. I like the black and white tiles in the dining room, and the service is typically on point.