The Noho Star

84% love it
America, China, a little of this and that
The Noho Star is one of our favorite spots. High ceilings and a nearly perfect menu make breakfast, lunch, or dinner at the Noho Star a stellar experience. The Chinese menu is fantastic, but we keep coming back for omelets and ridiculously delicous burgers like the Roasted Garlic Burger.


    • jjkeyes
      jjkeyes Over a year ago
      Loves it

      There is plenty to choose from on the Noho Star menu...but we go for the burgers. Their garlic burger is out of this world. The staff is gorgeous and beyond professional and sweet and full of solid recommendations.

    • imbizetbizet
      imbizetbizet Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Oozey ooze with laughs at yous
      NOT. I went to this restaurant for brunch and when I told the manager that the lettuce was, "past its prime", it was to avoid saying, "there is icky goo on my plate that is posing as lettuce. It is green-black and nasty". When the manager told the cook, he laughed. WHERE WERE YOU GORDON? This was truly a nightmare.