UTR + Joe's Pub In Concert: The Transformations Suite

Single tickets and ticket packs of 5 or more shows are now available for the 14th edition of the Under the Radar Festival.

Samora Abayomi Pinderhughes (USA)

Samora Abayomi Pinderhughes's The Transformations Suite combines music, theatre, and poetry to examine the radical history of resistance within the communities of the African Diaspora.

Continuing the tradition of artists such as Bob Marley, Duke Ellington, Marvin Gaye, Billie Holiday, and Tupac Shakur, the Suitepaints a musical picture of the current state of social inequality and injustice in the United States and beyond. The Transformations Suite connects contemporary issues, such as the prison industrial complex and the Black Lives Matter movement, with the history of revolutionary movements of color. It asks probing questions and builds an urgent case for rebellion in the present moment.

UNDER THE RADAR is The Public's annual festival of new theater from around the world and the U.S., featuring artists re-imagining performance for our time.

A landmark of the New York City theater season for the past 14 years, UNDER THE RADAR is a celebration of the resilience and relevance of theater. This year is highly interactive, rousing, thoughtful, and rambunctious -- and it is happening all over the city. This popular and highly-anticipated program of The Public’s winter season will include artists from across the U.S. and around the world, including Canada, China, Cuba, Italy, Japan, UK, Poland, and Slovenia.

Access tickets and learn more at undertheradarfestival.com.


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