Cum and Prey at NYC sexiest SUNDAY Night party. Secret Midtown Manhattan Location.

Bull Tauro: I am so excited to host this hot party. I've spent years hosting exclusive naked and play events in private spaces. So I am proud to bring my intimate, fun, sweet and sexy vibe to a fresh public party.

Seeking a diverse community of 18-60yo, Healthy, Athletic, Bear, Hip, Otter, Beefy, Smooth, Thick, Hairy, Twink, Daddy, Subs. MOST IMPORTANTLY: Have a good attitude, and taste for piggy man play. And good hygiene. Free clothes check. Sexy Underwear, Jockstrap, or Bare. $20 at the door.

Email: [email protected] to be SAVED!
Send a body pic and a pic of your choosing for the exact location.


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