In one month, I will celebrate my FIFTIETH (50) birthday. Some people seem to be struggling with the number. Frankly, I am too. Not in the number way, but in a relative way. I don't feel fifty. In fact, over the last several months, I have been feeling younger than I ever have.

I am throwing this party for a number of reasons. Just like the name has a number of meanings. There is the idea of a BLACK BALL as in dark party. There is the idea of it being a dark round sphere. The is the idea of being black balled! And of course, but not limited to the idea of one glorious dark testicle. AEHAEHAEHAEH

I love multiple meanings and my life of late has split into fractals and I find myself being pulled in a completely new and revelatory directions.

First, I want to have a good old fashioned New York Party. One where everyone can come and have and get and give a little something. There will be every color and creed and every age category. There are people coming from San Diego, Minneapolis, Chicago, Los Angeles, France and Germany (so far).

Second, I am fifty. I get to be a little self-indulgent for making it this far and one of my favorite things to do is to play music for people. I have played for almost twenty years and I want to cap that fact. This will be an indulgent party, in my favorite place to play that I have ever played multiple times, Cielo. Nothing is going to beat playing on top of the Tower Bridge in London (see below).

Third, this is it for me. This is the last triq. This is the final countdown. This is my sayonara and my Asta La Winnebago. I am going to step away from music for the time being and concentrate on some other talents. I have had an INCREDIBLE TIME.

I started with a residency at OPEN and learned how to play whilst playing everything I ever wanted to hear LOUD. It was a completely supported job and for a great part of that time I played Friday and Saturday night for 7 hours a night. 15 hours a weekend. SO epic. The owners Greg and Greg had my back and supplied me with everything I needed. At that same time I was fortunate enough to have been scooped up by some very discerning guys who proceeded to fly me around the world. I played in the Hamptons. I played in Palm Springs. I played for them on top of the mother fucking Tower Bridge of London. Paris, in a glass pyramid topped building. In a chateau in the green of Chantilly. A 30,000 square foot palace in India.

During all of this I held down a residency for years at Highline and then at the Stanton Social. I played at Cielo and every other club in the city. I had a smashing nights at Sullivan Room and Stay. During the darkest years of my life I had a five year radio show at EVR. A two hour slot a week that brought me fans from all over the world. Two of which are coming from France. I can’t even take it.

I finally got to open for my greatest influence Francois K and that night was one of the greatest nights I have ever experienced. I lost my shit in the booth and started crying out loud. It was amazing.

The calls have come less and less and I have been pulled more and more towards what you are reading now. I could be bitter. But I am not. I palyed in San Diego and in one of my best friends houses for a whole night. I havedone more than most ever achieve in this business and I NEVER compromised. Not once. I played what I wanted to show people and I worked my ass off to do it in the best way that I knew how.

I was ridiculed early on for playing CDs by vinyl junkies! All of who then played on CDs and now on sticks.

One night at OPEN in 2000 a guy came up to me and and asked me a series of questions:

“How long is your set tonight?”
“Seven hours”
Raised eyebrows.
“Do you know what you are doing?”
Righteous indignation.
“I think so!”
Hands me his card.
“Hi. My name is Mark. I am the northeast representative for Numark and you are the first person we have seen playing a whole night on CDJs.”

Was I? I don’t know. He said I was. So I am going to take it. I used to bring 400 CDs a night to OPEN and every residency thereafter.

I was dissed by a club owner for making everyone in the club dance. “Bad for business!”That same guy called me out for trainwrecking slightly while I was jumping and screaming in the booth while a friend was yelling “YOU ARE RUINING MY LIFE!” Ah, well. I was excited! The dance floor was full and I skipped a beat. S O R R Y.

I brought my personal friend at the time, Roisin Murphy, to Cielo and the line was a round the block. It was a party for the ages and for several years after people said it was the last great New York party. Again. That what they said and I am going to take it. People were crying.

I have never really been invited IN to play reindeer games. For years people have come up to me and said why aren’t you playing here or there? For the last several years people have come up and said GO PLAY NOW when the music isn’t great. Again I am not bitter about that. I offer something different and it isn’t for everyone. I am not for everyone. I have sold every single fucking DJ in this town and most for others towns their records. Somehow that doesn’t validate one’s taste or popularity.

Neither does experience. Especially now.

SO. OCTOBER 9TH, 2017 we shall throw down. This will not be a typical throwdown. This will be a very special throwdown.

My friend Jonathan Mendelsohn will open for us with a sharp modern set that will keep a smile on your face and a beat in your heart.

I will start around 11 or 11:30 and I am going to play my life in music. It will be filled with texture and variety. There will be slow songs and songs that I have always wanted to hear on a great system and have never played. Things as diverse as Mandalay and Kate Bush from Erasure and the Pet Shop Boys to Sevdaliza and Thompson Twins. And a boat load of house and bubble tech! There will be lots of surprises musically and visually. I am sure Pat Pending will be there!

Busted is going to appear and do a redo of our night together with Roisin! Right when he was emerging as a drag queen I snapped him up and he performed some Moloko numbers when everyone thought she was going to come out. It brought the house down and I am sure he will do again.

I am hoping Jonathan will come back later and sing for us some things I want you to hear. I think he will.

I am going to cry like a ninny! Some of the greatest people I know will be there. Some of the longest friendships I have had through life and music.

I encourage you to come. It shall be an unforgettable night. I shall not stop until they kick us to the curb.


You can bite me. Have a cough the next day and go to work late.

This is it kitties. This is the night. This is the one.



(I know everyone coming, there shall be a cover charge. You can consider it a birthday gift.)

Brion Vytlacil


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