What It Takes to Be a Mr. Eagle


Thanks to the support of The Eagle NYC, we're thrilled to showcase a "Leather Double Feature" including the World Premiere of "It Gets Harder: What it takes to be a Mr. Eagle" and "Second Skin" our first Leather-film released last year.

Our event takes place three weeks before the annual Mr. Eagle NYC Contest and it's meant to raise awareness about leadership in the Leather/BDSM community, and kickstart an open dialogue about kink, fetish, spirituality and erotic play as tools of empowerment and wholesomeness.

Hosted by Sister Lotti Da, "What It Takes to Be a Mr. Eagle" will also feature a "Leather Healing Demo" with Rico Noguchi and John-John: Mr. Eagle NYC 2017 in between films.

Doors open at 9:30PM, Showtime is 10PM. So come on early to socialize and enjoy a special selection of music by Mark Romano, cocktails by our sexy Eagle bartenders and more surprises to be announced!



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