Voices 4 Chechnya - A March from Stonewall to Trump Tower UN




Voices 4 Chechnya believes that non-violent, direct action activism is integral to the fight for human dignity and equality for all. And everyone, no matter who they are or whom they love, is entitled to live without fear. We will not stand by as the Chechen Republic orders and encourages the capture, torture, and death of its own LGBTQ+ people.

On October 14th, hundreds of New Yorkers will march from the Stonewall National Monument, the birthplace of the modern gay liberation movement, to Trump Tower (United Nations Plaza). We will demand humanitarian visas for those who’ve escaped from Chechnya, and are now hiding in safe houses in mainland Russia. The march will also raise money for RUSA LGBT - Russian-Speaking American LGBT Association, a support network for Russian-speaking LGBTQ+ individuals in America.

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