50 Shades of Red...REDUX (AIDSWALK Fundraising Event)


Since I hardly did any fundraising this year, I've decided to break it up into quarterly mini-events and summer is first (as always).

Piggybacking on the Napa Valley birthday trip, I decided to do a wine tasting. And no, we will not be sampling 50 different types of red, although... However, instead for $50, there'll be three reds and three whites along with several hors d'oeuvres being passed around. Entrees can be ordered separately. Pet Shop co-owner, Lindsay Gomeringer, will be there to describe the wines we'll be sampling.

This will be a low-key casual event without the pomp and circumstance. Dress casually. Be comfortable. Enjoy your Sommelier Sunday before your Manic Monday.

See you there...


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