The O Show with special guest Candy Samples!



Hey bird watchers! Join me on Tuesday July 18th for a special O Show where my guest will be the one and only Candy Samples! For those of you who don't have the pleasure of knowing Candy, this fellow singer/songwriting diva is the Queens of the Bears, a master of the Presbyterian potluck and always using her 'Powers for Good'. She puts on one hell of a show and I am honored to share the stage with her once more. There's no way you won't leave without a smile on your face!

This show is EXTRA SPECIAL because we are DONATING our tips to The Braking AIDS Ride (benefiting Housing Works) to help #EndAIDS and homelessness in NYC and beyond. Each year, Candy joins the crew for this special bike ride from Boston to New York City. So come out for some stiff drinks, good shows, and know that your tips are going to a great cause. Use YOUR 'Powers for Good'!

P.S. Can't make it on Tuesday? Visit Candy's Breaking AIDS Ride page to make a donation:

Or my Vemno page:

(If you type "Breaking AIDS" I will make sure Candy gets the cash to put towards her page.)


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