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Xris SMack! & Mindswerve Studios, NYC present:
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Advoxya Records Recording Artists
★ Cynical Existence ★
returns once again to STIMULATE supporting their 2017 album “Dying Light”
(joined live by Carlos Marzano and Cliff Cage of HypoFixx)

Cynical Existence is a project from lead vocalist Frederick Corona of the aggrotech/industrial act Project Rotten and vocalist of dark electro/industrial act Menschdefekt and Cryon from Greek act Pre Emptive Strike 0.1.
Beginning in 2011, and through 4 albums and 8 Singles & E.P.’s, Cynical Existence is always evolving and moving forward, experimenting with different genres while staying true to their aggrotech roots.
With 2017’s “Dying Light” the band strives to reach new heights with a combination of raw and angry guitars that meet catchy melodies”. Emotions for a soulless generation.

• “Come Out And Play” (2013, Alfa Matrix)
• “Erase, Evolve and Rebuild” (2013, Alfa Matrix)
• “We Are the Violence” (2015, Alfa Matrix)
• “Dying Light” (2017, Advoxya)

Dyling Light Album teaser
“I’m Broken” (featuring Preemptive Strike)
“Face Of God” (No LongerHuman remix)

★ Distorted Retrospect ★
Krztov (former live member of Velvet Acid Christ VAC) creates Dark Electronic / Industrial with Distorted Restrospect and has toured the U.S.A and Canada, including gigs with Architect (Daniel Myer of Haujobb), Velvet acid Christ, Panic Lift, Stoneburner (Steven Archer of Ego Likenesss) and Front 242.
“Fragment 1” album/e.p.

★ Abbey Death ★

Valerie Abbey Gentile (The Cruxshadows, Angelspit, Black Tape for a Blue Girl) &
Abbey Nex (Combichrist, Psyclon Nine and The Genitorturers) are known for their energetic performances internationally, and are taking on the goth industrial world themselves in their project Abbey Death.

Their debut record “Realignment” shows off their efforts in a dark revival in their music and themselves as artists. Playing Live shows with Kite, FGFC820, interface and more. a band to watch for!

“The Veil” (Featuring Sevin VII from Columbine)
“Star Merica”
“Dirty Confessional”


DJ’s spinning Industrial, EBM, Aggrotech, Cyberpunk and Dark Electro:

★ DJ Paradox (Stimulate, Dark Water)
plus guest DJs
★ DJ Jet VF (Vampire Freaks, Cybertron)
★ DasKreestof (Defcon, Contemt, Digial Murder)

Ashley Bad, BlackLite Bonnie, Vasa Pixie, Venus Pain, Megan Minya, Harry Lucien Lightbringer, and more!
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Mz. Bump, Melissa Saurus Wrecks, Shaila Kristie, Jessica Love, E.LethalKit, Janeiry
Pole Dance by Ariel Margie

the SMack! Video Lab

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* ”Feel The Whip": SMack! Dungeon play space with guest Dominatrixes
Dungeon play Equipment + more!

► Tom Fang's Custom Fangs and Leather Goods
► Venus Pain Creations

Ticket Giveaways (dress up and you can win!)
► 6/29: STIMULATE presents with Mr. Kitty and The Rain Within
on their "DARK A.I." 2017 North American Tour
plus Culttastic, LeSphinxx and a Special DJ Set from We Are Temporary

► 7/27: STIMULATE presents CYNICAL EXISTANCE (from Sweden) w/Distorted Retrospect & Abbey Death (@ The Delancey)

► 8/4: STIMULATE presents PIG, JULIEN-K and Ghostfeeder
on their 2017 "Prey and Obey" North American Tour (@ Drom)

9 Year Anniversary Month:
► 9/1: STIMULATE presents GOD MODULE, Blakk Glass, Midnight Myth and Visions In Black on their 2017 North American Tour (@ Drom)

► 9/8: STIMULATE presents Voltaire, Bella Morte and NOIR (@ Drom)

► 9/29: STIMULATE presents The Return of TIM SKOLD (KMFDM, Marilyn Manson)

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STIMULATE Resident Videographer Kevin of Vonesper Studios

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