Q'arnival 2017- Lgbtqia Midnight Boat Ride


INTRODUCING... Q'arnival (carnival)

What is Q'arnival??? I'm SOOOOOOO Glad you asked lol...
Here's the most FUN math equation you will ever learn

(Pride+Mardi Gras) x (Halloween+Labor Day)= Q'arnival

Presented By: Shuga Khane Entertainment - the hosts of: SWEAT! The Original All Inclusive LGBTQIA Dance Party

I'm proud to announce the maiden voyage of our first annual "LGBTQIA Carnival Celebration" themed Boat Ride/Dance Party.

Q'arnival is mash up between Pride, Labor Day, Halloween & Mardi Gras lol...Open to ALL Gender Expressions, Sexual Orientations and Relationship Styles ;) *ALLIES WELCOME. All Fun! All Dance! All Bright Colors! Costumes of All types, Many Costumes, and Oh...Costumes!

There will also be FREE FOOD! Beautiful People! Dancing! Great Drinks! NY Skyline! Dope Dj's! AND once again, COSTUMES!! YES....We Want To See You In Your Q'arnival BEST.... Masks, Feathers, Glitter, Decorated Body Suits & Bikinis, Etc!! Fantasy costumes, Animal costumes, Mardi Gras costumes, Labor Day Parade costumes, Fairies, Pirates, Super Heroes and so on and so on. There will be contests & prizes!

***YOU MUST GET TICKETS IN ADVANCE (preferrably BEFORE Aug 15th)*** Thanks :D

- Saturday August 26th

- Tickets Only $40!!! for a limited time so get Yours today!

- Attire: Bright colors preferred...It's A Celebration! Costumes Highly Encouraged!!! (but not required)

- ID a Must

- Boarding 11p | We sail at 12a SHARP

* Live performance by members of the Despers USA Steel Orchestra!!

Get your tickets before we reach capacity. Can't Wait To See You There!!

***This First Annual Q'arnival BoatRide is Dedicated to a friend/promoter colleague of mine Myrna Davis who serviced the LGBT community with fun and entertainment year after year. In the spirit of her yearly boatrides I hope to take on the mantle and bring it to another level. Hopefully she will be proud. I have a great respect for her hustle, enjoyed working with her on a few parties, and was always humbled by her support of everything I've done over the years.
RIP Myrna
  • Pier 7 - Golden Sunshine
    2211 Emmons Avenue, Brooklyn
  • Saturday Aug 26
  • Event on Facebook


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