LadyQueen's 2nd Annual Dragucation Showcase!


The Draguates of LadyQueen University showcase what they have learned for the past few weeks at LadyQueen University Season 2!

Performances by The LadyQueen Collective
Krymson Scholar
Pierretta Viktori
Sugar Magnolia

New LadyQueen Draguates
- Miss Cherry Delight
- Clara Coquette
- Mina Minou
- Bear Spiegel
and more!

with extra special guest Allegra Spread

Beats by
DJ Accident Report (Eric Shorey)

Reggi Regina

Hosted by
Crimson Kitty

Only At
BIZARRE Bushwick
12 Jefferson Street
J, M, Z Trains to Mrytle/Broadway

$10 Suggested Donation (Never A Requirement)
Ticket Link:


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