Night of 1000 Thots


The GLAM & BNA-winning Homoblog Thotyssey turns One and Change, while Blogmaster Jim reaches a milestone birthday that will never be published!

July 15th at the Stonewall Inn, featuring a Playbill's worth of extraordinary entertainers.

Hosts: Virgil & Brian of the hit podcast "WHY AREN'T WE BEING FILMED?"

Beats: DJ ACCIDENT REPORT of the Nobodies

Performances by:

*ANGEL ELEKTRA (Rockbar, Duo in Yonkers)

*ANIDA FUKK (Paradise, Club Feathers, Cascada, Metropolis Lounge)

*ARIEL ITALIC of The Nobodies ("Nobodies Watching Wrestling" YouTube series, Mx. Nobody pageant at Brooklyn Bazaar)

*ARI KIKI (Stonewall, Boots & Saddle, Phoenix)

*BRITA FILTER (The West End, Hardware, Pieces, Therapy, Boots & Saddle, Miss Lady Liberty @ Ace Hotel, Basically Everywhere)

*CATRINA LOVELACE (Boots & Saddle, Stonewall)

*CHRIS OF HUR (Bizarre Bar, Alphaville)

*CRIMSON KITTY (Stonewall, Metropolitan Bar, Bizarre Bar, Coney Island USA)

*EGYPT (Miss Lady Liberty @ Ace Hotel, Miss Barracuda, Look Queen @ Monster)


*JOHNNY DI SCIASCIO (Pieces, Flaming Saddles, Ninth Ave Saloon, Albatross)

*KARI KERNING (Winner Miss Barracuda 2016)

*KRISTY BLAZE (Club Feathers, Paradise, Cascada, Club Mandala, Monster)

*GARY CARMICHAEL (Bizarre Bar, Look Queen @ Monster, Miss Lady Liberty @ The Ace Hotel)

*GLACE CHASE (Dream Queen Tour of the West Village, Belle Reve, Metropolitan Bar)

*GILDA WABBIT (Albatross, Icon, L&W Oyster Co, So You Think You Can Drag)

*LOLA MICHELE-KIKI (Stonewall, Boots & Saddle, Rockbar)

*MARTI GOULD CUMMINGS (Therapy, Hardware, Pieces, The West End, Stonewall, The Island Breeze)

*OLIVE D'NIGHTLIFE (National Sawdust, Bizarre Bar)

*SHAY D'PINES (Rockbar, Duo in Yonkers)

*TYM MOSS ("Artists Exposed" radio show)

*VICTORIA CHASE (Club Evolution, True Colors Bar, Club XStasy, Koodo)

*VIVA VIDALIA (Rockbar, Boots & Saddle)

Photos By: Mikhail Torich (Manster at Monster)



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