Bottomless! Brunch Party


Check your pants at the door! Bottomless! Risky Business returns to House of Yes for a Pants Off Dance Off BRUNCH!

Lets face it, we dance better in our panties. Plus, butts of all shapes and sizes are amazing. We want to see your underwear. Or at least your tights. Moving, grooving, doing it... You know.

Cotton spandex blends for life! Breif Cheif! Thong tha-thong thong thong. Granny panties for days.

Listen, we get it. It’s cold outside. Don’t worry, we’re turning up the heat and building a Pants-Check so that you can enjoy the freedom of bare legs as you dance to sick beats brought to you by Risky Business.

Ok, ok. I know you may be feeling like you might want to keep your pants on. That’s cool too, we can still be friends. Butt, if you try it you just might like it.

Anyway, it’s a no pants dance off. If that doesn’t make you happy, we don’t know what will.

**Free RSVP for admission to the party and does not include brunch.

**For brunch groups of 6 or larger, you must make a reservation! Please email [email protected]

$20 Bottomless Mimosas have a 1 hour limit

::::::: Music provided by Risky Business :::::::

Alex Raøuf
Aiden Jude


::::::: CONSENT is Sexy :::::::

Although tempting, do NOT grab, touch or spank butts without asking the owner of the butt first and getting their enthusiastic YES! Its called consent and we’re really into it at House of Yes. Behave in the land of the behinds or we will promptly escort you to the street, probably without your pants

::::::: Community & Accessibility :::::::

This is a space for everyone to feel welcome and loved. Racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia will not be tolerated at our House. All entrances and spaces within the venue are single-level and handicap accessible. There are stairs leading to the upper portions of the stage, for those who wish to dance in the spotlight. Gender neutral bathrooms are easily located in the main room.


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