GGNY: Little Sing-Along of Horrors!


Gay Geeks of New York, LLC’s Drama Geeks proudly invites you down to Skid Row for our Little Sing-A-Long of Horrors!
You know the words and you’ve seen the amazing plant! You have a talent for causing things pain! You totally want to be somewhere that’s green!
Well, come join us and all your friends for a touching, horrifying, and romantic event. Join Seymour and Audrey as they lip synch for their right to love, and money.
Just remember, don’t feed the plants!!!

Mushnik’s Flower Shop Opens:
Saturday, April 22th
Audrey II Viewing Times:
2:30pm (Matinee)*
6:30pm (Evening)*
*(doors open 30 min prior to each show time)

Mushnik’s Location (in Skid Row):
Parkside Lounge
317 E Houston Street (Just kidding, we love them)

Admission to view Audrey II:
$12 (NYS Sales Tax Included – such a strange and exotic plant!!!)
RSVP now and buy your tickets here:
(Tickets can also be purchased at upcoming GGNY events, Geek Pictionary on April 2nd and Geek Trivia on April 9th. There will be a very limited amount of tickets sold at the door, so please buy your tickets in advance so you don't miss out!)

Seymour Krelborn - Robinson Cruz
Audrey - Allison Lee-Villanueva
Audrey II - Phoebe Duncan
Mushnik - Anthony Juan
Orin D.D.S – Rene Ugarte
The Ronnettes – Fwee Carter, Kizzie Franklin, Heather Smith
Everyone Else – Lisa Scott

PRODUCER: Stephanie Villanueva
DIRECTOR: David Baxter


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