WEBurlesque: Dramatique (A Celine Dion Burlesque Tribute)


Yes, we are.

White Elephant Burlesque at ROCKBAR NYC ... 8pm Doors $5-10 minimum (pay whatchu can) 8:30pm Show

April 5, 2017: Broody Valentino | Carriage Return | Esmerelda May | Iris Explosion | Lee VaLone | Munroe Lilly | Nyx Nocturne | Seedy Edie | Tiger Bay

Stage Kitten: Oliver Swisskey | Door Dame: Spiced Cider | Hosted by Viktor Devonne and Florence D'Lee | Sounds: Cream Victoria | Drinks: Jason, Joey, Patrick

Cream Victoria at 7pm | RockStrap at 10pm

1. what time should I get there? happy hour is from 6pm-8pm if that tells you anything! we go on at 8:30pm. Petra Fried starts around 7pm -- we recommend you come early for her to whet your whistle.

2. what does $5 minum mean? it means if you can pay more, we appreciate it. support local artists. patronizing the bar, buying raffle tickets, and simply cheering the performers on is also appreciated.

3. are there boys in this? are there girls in this? this is an all-genders burlesque show. you're going to see everyone. we change sets every week so it's a new experience every time.

4. when is the show over? we usually end around 10pm. the bar closes at 2am.

5. what is dress code? comfortable. fierce.

6. how do I tip performers? we have a bucket at the front of the stage. also, you may tip the performer directly as they leave the stage. we discourage handing money to the performer mid-performance, as most acts are choreopgraphed, and our hands are busy taking it off. a designated stagehand, known as a stage kitten, is also on hand, and will pass on tips for the performer. tips provided during intermission and curtain call help keep the show going.

7. do I need to make a reservation? no, but we do encourage early arrival to ensure optimal view and seating.

8. no, really, does this start at 8:30 or can I be late? we are usually pretty prompt with start time.

9. I want to work with you. that's not a question. but you can message the facebook page, or email Viktor, or talk to him at the show and discuss upcoming gigs. we're looking for charisma, talent, and punctualty. stage kitten gigs can also be arranged via the aforementioned communication methods.


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