Abandon Me Book Launch & Dance Party


I may never get married, so consider this my wedding. Haven't you always dreamt of attending a wedding with the theme of abandonment???

Come help me launch my new book, Abandon Me, co-presented by Ace Hotel New York and WORD Brooklyn, with short readings by Nick Flynn, Amy Gall, Hafizah Geter, Porochista Khakpour, Syreeta McFadden, Shelly Oria and Gregory Pardlo, followed by a serious dance party with DJ Jen Urban on the tables.

Event listing & RSVP also here: http://www.acehotel.com/calendar/newyork/ace-word-febos-abandon-me

Here's some nice stuff that folks have said about the book:

"Erotic and dark, the book is a courageous exploration of love as the ultimate form of plenitude and annihilation. A lyrically visceral memoir of love and loss." —Kirkus Reviews

"Her mastery over metaphor is astonishing . . . What might be mere navel-gazing for a less brilliant author is made powerfully universal here. Though the particulars are hers, just about anyone can relate to the feeling of a chasm opening up inside. Febos’s awakening to her full identity, even its ugliness, is a powerful and redemptive epic." —starred review, Publishers Weekly

“A raw, brave work about truly knowing oneself.” —Library Journal

“[In this] collection of self-aware, stylish, autobiographical essays on love, addiction, and inheritance, Febos harnesses language, moods, actions, and settings with precision. A professor of creative writing, she stuns with sentences that are a credit to her craft and will no doubt inspire her readers.” —Booklist

“In her second book, Febos examines the many loves of her life—lovers as well as family—with her distinctive blend of lush language and relentless intelligence.” —Jackie Thomas-Kennedy, for Publishers Weekly

“An intricately constructed and emotionally devastating book about the appearance and disappearance of love. Febos is a strikingly talented writer who pushes at the boundaries of her form and shows us just how amazing and expansive it can be.” —JENNY OFFILL

“Intellectual, erotic, and lyrical, this book arrives at emotional truths that startle and dazzle. Febos spares no one. And who would want to be spared such ravishing?” —JOHN D’AGATA

“Melissa Febos is a font of both emotional and intellectual honesty. A powerful, poignant meditation on not only the pain of loss but also the maddening, intoxicating, confusing and exhilarating effects of true human closeness.” — MEGHAN DAUM

“I have never read anything like Melissa Febos's Abandon Me. It's rare to read a book as generous as it is genius. Febos weaves familial stories, feminist stories, communal stories, literary stories, and love stories, all at once revealing much of where she's been and where we, her readers, might go if we dare. I don't know that I've ever felt more thankful to read a book.” —KIESE LAYMON

“Abandon Me is a voluptuous book about the relationship between sex and surrender, desire and addiction, vulnerability and power. Febos unfolds her dark romance with erotic charge and sensuous poetry. The sentences are beautiful, but so is the story.”—SARAH HEPOLA

“Melissa Febos is the anthropologist and critic, the learned, dispassionate observer and the passionate advocate of her body’s passage through time, space, and the woes and pleasures of contact with other humans. Abandon Me reflects an extraordinary range of both experience and understanding.” —VIJAY SESHADRI

“Abandon Me is riveting and heartbreaking and tough and passionate and beautiful and original; a tour de force. Melissa Febos weaves the personal and the universal together into a provocative, brilliant, incredibly moving examination of power and identity.” —KATE CHRISTENSEN

“Melissa Febos is a deep, broad and fearless thinker. This hard-fought, hard-won, endlessly compelling, and elegant memoir teaches us that our traumas are not isolated, but in constant conversation with each other, and promises that if we listen carefully to their steady murmuring, we might find the means and the power to heal our lives.” –PAM HOUSTON

“This book made me feel more than I was prepared to about desire and identity, as though it were an exquisite vivisection of what we politely call ‘falling in love.’ Febos’s Abandon Me is extraordinarily written and unflinchingly bold.” —NADIA BOLZ-WEBER

“No one tells it like Melissa Febos. Sensual, lyrical, raw, brave, and honest, Abandon Me is simply gorgeous.” —ANN HOOD
  • Liberty Hall at Ace Hotel
    20 West 29th Street, Chelsea, New York City, NY 10001,, New York
  • Thursday Mar 2
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