NYS Supreme Court Hearing for Open Primaries


On December 6th, independent lawyer and activist Mark Moody will have his day in court. After Mark was denied a vote in the 2016 Democratic Presidential Primary, due to his independent status, he filed a suit against the NY Board of Elections on the grounds that closed primaires are unconstitutional under the NY State Constitution. The hearing was originally slated for October in the New York State Supreme Court, but the Board of Elections recognized the weight of Mark's challenge and delayed it so they could have more time to prepare their defense of a system that excludes 3.2 million voters.

Open Primaries is lending support to Mark and doing everything it can to see that his challenge proceeds forward. We have been circulating a letter to Senator Bernie Sanders, calling on him to testify at the hearing, and plan to pack the courthouse. Join us on December 6th as New Yorkers from across the state stand with Mark and fight for the rights of New York's voters.
  • Supreme Court 80 Centre Street
    New York
  • Tuesday Dec 6, 2016
  • Event on Facebook


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