More Than All the World - World Premiere at TNC!

More Than All The World is a bold and epic new musical inspired by Marlowe’s groundbreaking 16th century play about King Edward II, whose love for another man brought England to war. It features a soaring and catchy pop score and text by Erik Ransom (Grindr The Opera), who has been described as 'clever, witty and insightful.' This unbelievable true tale of medieval political intrigue, deception, romance, ruthlessness, war, religion, international turmoil, features the "She-Wolf of France" along with a royal menage a trois. This show will definitely appeal to fans of Shakespeare, Game of Thrones and Hamilton. Hurry. Get your tickets today!

Remy Germinario (Bennet/Prince Edward III), Devin Holloway (Prince Edmund), Hugh Hysell (Earl of Lancaster), John Jeffords (Despenser/Robin), Alexander Moitzi (Mortimer), Katherine Pecevich (Countess of Sandwich), Tony Perry (King Edward I), Michael Pugliese (Gaveston), Erik Jareth Ransom (Edward II/Marlowe), Emily Stockdale (Cataline), Grace Stockdale (Isabella of France), Luis Villabon (Archbishop of Canterbury), Skyler Barnhart (Ensemble), Lydia Rosa Georgantzi (Ensemble), Susana Montoya Quinchia (Ensemble), Ethan F Swan (Ensemble), Zac Lee Wood (Ensemble) Alannah Rolfe (Ensemble)

Production Team:
General Manager: Dailey-Monda Management, Press: DDPR - Daniel Demello Public Relations Dialect Coach: Misha Osherovich, Asst Stage Manager: Daniel Żużałek, Stage Manager: Joan Wyatt, Scenic Design: Ann Beyersdorfer, Lighting Design: Jamie Roderick, Sound Design: Douglas Mills, Costume Design: Rachel Klein, Photography by Michael Blase, Asst Music Director: Luke Williams, Fight Direction: Rod Kinter, Dance Captain/Additional Choreography: Luis Villabon, Asst. Dance Captain: Devin Holloway, Music Director/Orchestrator: Andy Peterson, Direction and Musical Staging by Rachel Klein

November 5-19: New York City Gets Medieval
Edward Miller in association with Lil Rascals Theater Company presents
An Epic New Musical by Erik Ransom inspired by Marlowe's "Edward II"
Directed by Rachel Klein
Theater for the New City, 155 1st Ave


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