SUNDAY SESSIONS Presents: Stewart Uoo, It's Get Better III


With: Charles Atlas; Bonnie Camplin; Dese Escobar; Ursula Hodel; Ian Isiah; Serena Jara, Gogo Graham, and Aurel Haize Odogbo; Marie Karlberg; La'FEM LADOSHA; Kyle Luu; Tiffany Luu; Paulina Olowska; Jacolby Satterwhite; Contessa Stuto (CUNTMAFIA); Nelson Sullivan; VIOLENCE; and Antek Walczac

It's Get Better III is the third iteration of a performance, screening and reading series organized by Stewart Uoo, which debuted at Artists Space in 2013.

The series occurs annually and features brief time based presentations organized with diverse set of participants.


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