EPIC WIN presents... GeekBoys Burlesque!


We are extremely proud to present...

GeekBoys Burlesque: an All-Male Nerdy-Burly Review!

Come hoot, holler and cheer for the manliest nearly naked nerds to hit the stage! These teasing geek boys will be bringing a sexy selection of nerdy numbers to entertain and delight. At this show pokeballs and light sabers will take on whole new meanings... Vampires and Werewolves do fall in love... and a sonic screwdriver has a profound effect on wood! Come for all the pop-culture references... stay for all the scantily clad nerds.

* * Featuring the mantastic talents of...

Hard Cory (his blood is comic book ink)

Lucky Charming (his crit saves are natural 20's)

Matt Knife (he IS the princess in the other castle)

Rique Shaw (he reads elvish but speaks klingon)

Mr. Gorgeous (he's a last level final boss)

* * Special Guest Performer * *
Kissa Von Addams (Queen of Nerds - from Orlando, FL)

* * Kittening Provided by * *
Juno Blue (the newest padawan at the Jedi Academy)

* * Hosted by * *
Bastard Keith (he acts... he drinks.. he sings... he drinks)

Nelson Lugo (the official magician to the nerd masses)


Venue: R-Bar Manhattan
218 Bowery, NYC (b’tween Prince St. & Spring St.)

Show: Saturday March 2nd
Doors @ 7:30PM :: Show @ 8PM

Tickets: $10 Bucks!


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