PHRESH CUTZ: Getting to Know You, A Queer Pop-Up Barbershop


We don’t know if you know it, but you’ve done a lot on the past couple of months. In coming to our parties, you’ve gotten your hair cut (which looks great, by the way), you’ve helped the Ali Forney Center for homeless LGBT youth recover from Hurricane Sandy, and you’ve contributed to alleviating one of our barbers’ medical debt.

We think you're great and want to keep bringing the party to you, but honestly, we’re having a little trouble right now.

Times are good, but they’re a little hard, and right now they’re not getting any easier. We want to bring you as much haircut party as possible, but it’s hard to do that without funds!

So this month, we’re having a fundraiser to bring in some dollas.

We’re changing this one up a little. As always: A QUEER POP-UP BARBERSHOP

This time: a daytime party, no admission, sliding scale haircuts coffee/tea/hot chocolate, snaxxx (vegan options for all, duh), and some straight up chill time with Hair Force One.

As always, you don’t need to get a haircut to come hang out, all ages, sexualties, genders, and hair types welcome.

We know queers like to party and dance all night - we know that we definitely do. But what do you do in the daytime? We want to get to know you, maybe cut your hair in some natural light.

Since our first event back in the summer, we’ve been (t)werking our asses off to give you a quality experience with each coming party. We want to provide a safe space to hang out, dance, and get the haircut of your dreams, because you deserve it like that.

Each party we put on comes out of our shallow-ass pockets, from booking fees to booze to making sure that the people who give us their time get the fuck compensated for it, because they deserve it like that too.

We want to keep getting bigger and better. We want to give you the space you deserve, and we want to reward the people who work so hard to make that happen.

We’re going to be accepting cash donations (and doling out rewards!), and soon we’re going to launch an Indiegogo campaign to collectively make our dreams come true.

Here are some things that your donations will be contributing to:

-securing a more permanent venue that shares the ideas of safe space and community
-hiring more staff members to keep our space cleaner and safer and to keep our bar fully stocked at all times
-fuckin’ MERCH
-a website
-our love

Just kidding, you can’t buy our love, you already have it. But you can help us work toward the rest of those things and even more.

So come hang this Saturday! We’ve missed you.
IMPORTANT: Silent Barn is currently a dry space. Please, no BYO.

Katrina 'KC Danger' Casiño
Jess 'Buzz Lightshears' Markowitz
Scout 'Dances with Scissors' Riera
Em 'Tears for Shears' K-Strop
Zulai 'Ace of Fades' Romero

Kirsten Weisbeck

Corrina Stoddart

Ronika McClain
Julieta Salgado
Emma $$$

Marlena Stevenson


xo, HF1
  • The Silent Barn
    603 Bushwick Ave., Brooklyn
  • Saturday Feb 23, 2013
  • Event on Facebook


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