Hardcore @Vlada -- Love is in the Cards!


Sorry for the delay, kids, but Hardcore @Vlada is moved to the last week this month. But we're back with the same scandals as always and some awesome action, most of it related to the video games! And in honor of Valentine's Day if you're not sick of it yet, love is our theme! Awwwww, how precious!


What should our Pre-Gayme movie be this month? Something about love and romance and FUCK IT. LET'S KILL SOME BUGS. We'll be watching STARSHIP TROOPERS!

On HD screens and the giant 6' x 6' projector!

Wii U - Nintendo Land
Wii - Super Smash Bros Brawl
PS2 - Tekken Tag Tournament
N64 - Mario Kart / Golden Eye
360 - Magic the Gathering

Plus anything else we feel like throwing in! You're welcome to bring or suggest your own games!


I'll have premade sample decks on hand so anyone can sit down and play a quick game of MtG! I'll also be on hand to teach you how to play if you don't know. I suggest quick, 5 life battles so you can get to know someone for a few minutes then head off with him into the bathroom... I mean, get his number. No, wait, the first thing.


Although you get Happy Hour prices until 9, what if you want to drink for cheap after that? As always, ALL INFUSED VODKA DRINKS WILL BE JUST $6 WHEN YOU HAND THE BARTENDER / COCKTAIL WAITER A GAYMER TOKEN. And don't forget our FEATURED DRINK! I'll be revealing it closer to the date!

And since my boyfriend is currently working on a boat for the next six months, I'll see you there when you're carrying my drunk ass home mumbling something like, "Fuck love!" :D Thanks in advance!

21+ play!


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