Meet The Lady: Frenemies & Nemesisters


In the movies, relationships between women — especially sisters — always seem to be fraught with jealousy, bitterness and general turmoil.

Fortunately hosts DAVID ARCHER and TOM BLUNT are here yet again to probe the murky psychological depths of these on-screen (and occasionally off-screen) rivalries, presenting an evening of clips, performances and scintillating commentary from people who've been there and lived to tell the tale.

Special guests include:

•Project Runway's KENLEY COLLINS

•Cast/crew from "G.B.F." (a new comedy from the director of 1999's Jawbreaker), including screenwriter GEORGE NORTHY

• After-party in 92YTribeca cafe presided over by DJ ACCIDENT REPORT

Also, sinister fragrances from BLACK PHOENIX ALCHEMY LAB.

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