The Sandman's Coming - FRIGID 2013


brain melt consortium presents

The Sandman's Coming
Conceived and Directed by Molly Ballerstein

Performing as part of the 2013 FRIGID NY Festival

2/21 - 8:40PM
2/23 - 10:00PM
2/27 - 5:30PM
2/28 - 8:40PM
3/2 - 2:05PM

at Under St. Marks, 94 St. Marks Pl

Tickets can be purchased at

Lulled by nursery rhymes, a man's thoughts are haunted by what separates his identity from his addiction. Finding life's beauty and embracing addiction's lifeblood entangle when what is real is only perceived through touch. Dance, multi-media, and text weave together for a chilling look into the world of an addict.

Anya Gibian
Nelson Patino Jr
Lantie Tom

Original Music by Dede Booth
Choreographed by Dana Boll
Stage Managed By Joel Rudzinski
Produced by Kristin Dwyer, Rachel Kerry


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