Raw Art | Jeremy Penn Art Exhibition


Jeremy Penn will exhibit a collection of recent paintings on loose canvas. The exhibition will be sponsored by Cîroc Vodka and will held in Aksel Paris located at 311 West Broadway in New York City.

About Aksel
Established in 2009
Founded in a bedroom in downtown Paris, Aksel's designs are inspired by the streets of European capitals and by the arts. They make you look great by doing good.

Aksel is indeed more than just a fashion company, it's a spirit. Aksel's ancient symbol means "Free Man" and our raison d'etre is to promote freedom by giving away school uniforms to childs who need them. It is revolting to think that millions of kids could go to school, but are not able to just because they don't have the clothes required (uniforms are mandatory in many developing countries). We are attacking this problem and won't stop until all children have the clothes they need.

Aksel + Clothing = Freedom


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