#1 must have issue no. 4 launch party + exhibition reception


#1 must have issue no. 4 launch party + exhibition reception

Friday, January 18, 6-8 pm

Join us for the #1 must have exhibition reception and launch party for issue number 4! Zine creators Adrien Leavitt and A. Slaven will present a slideshow of new work and favorites from issue number 4: promoter and Hard Times daddy, the loveliest home and host, so many babes, and three inspiring and awesome queer youth. Come meet the creators, pick up a copy, and celebrate with us!

Based in Seattle, WA, #1 must have is a photo zine that re-frames queer visibility and experience outside of the victim paradigm often perpetuated by popular culture. A selection of portraits from the zine, on view twenty four hours a day in the Wooster Street Window Gallery, shows how queer people of all ages, queer people of color, and those with trans identities, live in public and private spaces, and celebrates their lives in individual terms that are representative of larger communities.

Image: selections from #1 must have, 2011-2012


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