Kindbud VIDEO PREMIERE The Remix Is Dead


Monday January 7th, 8pm @ Hardware Bar!!!!! The most highly anticipated event of 2013!!!!!

It's the PREMIERE of my new music video for my latest single "The Remix Is Dead" now available on iTunes.

Join me and the cast of legendary nightlife royalty as downtown invades midtown for the first look at this 7:30 minute mini movie labor of love created by myself, Francis Legge, and Xander. Co-starring:

Sherry Vine
DJ Gomi
Chad Jack
Nita Aviance
Will Automagic
Josh Sparber
Scott Ewalt
Nashom Wooden
Paul Alexander
Chandilier Period
Ren Xtrava
Michael Formika Jones
Misstress Formika
Linda Simpson
David Serrano
Francis Legge
Erickatoure Aviance
Roze Black
and Zee the Chow

+ Special DJ set by DJ B Duron!!!

Get there early and on time!!!

Experience the #QUEENGAG as it happens in real time!!!

8pm @ 697 10th Ave between 47th and 48th



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