Westboro Baptist Church Counter Presence in NYC


So? The WBC plans to show itself in Newtown, CT and praise the god we all share by spewing their hateful vitriol?


I know a few drag queens. Do you?
I know a few biker boys. Do you?
I know couple of cops. Do you?
I know some priests. Oh Wait!!! I'm a minister.
Do you know of any others?
Then Invite them.

Invite your family, your friends, your neighbors, your enemies...anyone you think you know who hates hate, to come and show these angry inbred ingrates just what it means to live the life that God gave us to live in his or her own way.

Don't put up with this crap anymore. If you can't make it to Newton, CT to put up a front, meet me in Times Square at 4:00 on Jan. 18, 2013.

Check out their picket schedule by tuning into their site located at 3 double u's and godhatesfags a dot and a com to see for yourself. Keeping a close eye on your enemy is your first line of defense.

Please...if you can garner more exposure than I can, invite, invite, invite.

Before we can solve the world's problems, we gotta fix our own.

Ignorance is tolerance.

Please say you'll join me.


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