EPIC WIN Burlesque presents... GeekBoys!


Now in it's third triumphant year, Epic Win Burlesque continues to be one of the nerdiest burlesque shows in the NYC, having sexed up such favorites as Star Trek, Star Wars, Batman and Firefly. All of this and more are always being explored and celebrated in the most awesome way possible... with semi-naked-nerds! Magic, Music, Timely Pop-Culture References and Sexy Geeks! This ain't no convention cosplay...this is nerdy burlesque...THIS IS EPIC WIN!


AND NOW... We are extremely proud to present...

GeekBoys Burlesque: an All-Male Nerdy-Burly Review!

Come hoot, holler and cheer for the manliest nerds to hit the stage! These geek boys will be bringing a sexy selection of nerdy numbers to entertain and delight. Come for all the pop-culture references... stay for the scantily clad nerds.

* * Featuring the mantastic talents of...

Tony Apollo (he brings the FIRE!)

Jack Nasty (a real jack of all trades, master of some)

Lucky Charming (he's coo coo for cocoa puffs)

Matt Knìfe (sassy, classy and always dapper)

Mr. Gorgeous (Gorgeous is his form and function)

* * Stage Kitten and Pre-Show * *
Suffra Gent (fights for your right to PARY!)

* * Hosted by * *
Bastard Keith (he acts... he drinks.. he sings... he drinks)


Venue: R-Bar Manhattan
218 Bowery, NYC (b’tween Prince St. & Spring St.)

Show: Saturday December 1st
Doors @ 7:30PM :: Show @ 8PM

Tickets: $10 Bucks!


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