Fusion Thursdays @ SPLASH :: Engagement Party of Ryan|Kelly Productions


Chris Ryan and Nathan Kelly Present..

The FINAL FUSION Thursday!

We invite you to celebrate the final Fusion at Splash! Chris Ryan Productions and CityAlliance Productions will soon be joining to become Ryan|Kelly Productions and we want to celebrate the "fusion" of our nightlife work at the club we first met at six years ago! The guest hosts are comprised of the biggest names in NYC nightlife that have supported us along the way!

Special performance by:
Thorgy Thor

Special hosts and guest appearances by:
Sherry Vine
Lee Chappell
Richie Rich
Astro Earle
Sir Honey Davenport
Demanda Dahling
Misty Meaner
Sir Sabrina
Maddelynn Hatter
Rachel Lorin
Lauren Howe
Kevin Wiltz
Frank Carrasquillo
Destiny Devine
Lady K
Eddy Barrena
JK Prima
David Yakov
Matthew Herra C
Joshua Mayhew
Hamm Samwich
Maty Longo
Kevin Novinski
JJ Mack
Jonny Mack
Rowell Adrian
Mike Harnett
Kevin Ryan
Adam Remz
Joe Lee
Kristian Becker
Jovan Hov
Justin Boss

Main Floor:
DJ John Marto and DJ Zeke Thomas

DJ Benny K

Door By: Da Cuckoo

Doors open at 10pm
$10 cover
$5 reduced with host name

♥ Chris Ryan, Nathan Kelly, and the CityAlliance Team
http:// www.ChrisRyanNYC.com

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